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New Christian Radio Station for Liberia

The News (Monrovia), 7 September 2000

Monrovia - A new Christian Radio station is expected to be opened in Liberia shortly. The situation, known as the Voice of Grace, when established, would be managed and operated by the Liberia Annual Conference of the Grace Outreach Ministries, and would broadcast Christian and church-related programs.

The disclosure was made by the Founder and General Overseer of the Grace Outreach Ministries, the Apostle Dr. Ola W. Jallah, shortly upon his return from the United States of America, where he had been visiting since last June.

Dr. Jallah explained that the Voice of Grace Radio Station will broadcast simultaneously on the FM and AM bands.

According to him, the project is an initiative of the Grace Outreach Ministries, but he did not give its cost.

Apostle Jallah said the radio, as a medium that reaches a large audience, would be instrumental in spreading the gospel in the society. He said the Voice of Grace when established, will complement the efforts of Radio ELWA, which he described as a true Christian station that continues to bring many unbelievers to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Apostle Jallah said equipment for the proposed Voice of Grace have been acquired, and would be shipped to Liberia next month, adding, I came ahead to identify a site for the construction of the station.

In another development, the Revival Ministries International (RMI) a network of churches and institutions with headquarters in Minnesota, the USA is to shortly undertake a housing project to host Liberian pastors and missionaries, especially members of the Liberia Ministers' Network Fellowship.

Dr. Jallah said the Apostle Dr. Kurtiz F. Boudoir, head of the RMI and also a prominent black prelate and advocate in the USA, will arrive in the country on the 17th of September to assess the project.

He noted that the Liberia Ministers' Network Fellowship stands to benefit from further international assistance, particularly relief assistance and international conferences as a result of his organization's membership with the RMI.

Also, Dr. Jallah was elected as the West African Representative of the RMI and conferred with an honorary doctorate degree in ministry from the RMI Theological Seminary.

Meanwhile, the Grace Outreach Community College is to be established in November of this year in the country.

According to Apostle Jallah, the college has also been accredited up to a doctorate degree level by RMI Theological Seminary and would offer courses in theology, pastoral, religious education and missions.

Already, four American professors, all volunteers, have consented to teach at the college upon its establishment in the country.