The culture history of
the Republic of Liberia

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Liberian Rappers lament the `struggle between brother and brother'
Review by Norm Dixon, Green Left Weekly, 2 June 1999. Hip hop is popular among the youth of Africa, especially west Africa and South Africa, where it is still a grassroots, street-level music of rebellion, protest and struggle. African hip hop has yet to lose its creative dynamism the way its counterpart in the US has as it has been transformed from street art to just another type of commercial pop music.
Liberian Daily News Bulletin: Three items on educational funding
Star Radio (Monrovia), 29 January 2000. The National Teachers Association of Liberia alleges the Finance Ministry has with held the teachers' checks. The source said with holding of the checks followed a problem between students and a local Finance Ministry official in Nimba. Examination fees; high school renovation.

The history of superstition in Liberia

New Christian Radio Station for Liberia
The News (Monrovia), 7 September 2000. Example of spiritual colonization by U.S. forces and of the traditional role of Liberian-Americans in Liberia's political life.