The contemporary political history of
Sierra Leone

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A Discussion of Sierra Leonean Issues
From Africa Confidential, 3 February 1995. The civil war.
Letters from Africa
By Alistair Coker, 7 April 1995. Life in Freetown during the war.
By Kelfala M. Kallon, 16 April 1995. A letter written as RUF forces approach Freetown, asking what had happened to Sierra Leonean society.
State-run Radio in Sierra Leone Announces Military Coup
16 January 1996. Military ruler Capt. Valentine Strasser, who came to power April 1992 in another military coup, is ousted by Brig. Julius Maada Bio.
Sierra Leone: Documents on Coup
26 April 1997. The Kabbah government installed in 1996 after long negotation among factions, was ousted on 25 May, 1997, by a coup headed by the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC).