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North Mobilises For Political Rebirth

Post Express (Lagos), 4 October 2000

Lagos—The North has commenced a mass mobilisation of its men and women to cement the cracks in its political fold with a view to bringing the old monolithic region back to its old monolithic region back to its strength and might.

As part of the realignment, the 19 Northern States are to organise a grand reception in honour of Vice-President, Atiku Abubakar in November this year.

The grand reception which is being planned by politicians all over the three geographical zones of the region will come up at the political capital of the North: Kaduna.

Already a steering committee headed by the Deputy Senate President, Ibrahim Mantu has swung into action to fashion out a general framework for organising the event. Additional five subcommittees - Contact subcommittee; publicity subcommittee; finance subcommittee, logistic, venue and Programme subcommittee; and accommodation as well as protocol subcommittee have been established to handle the affairs of each department of the occasion.

Apart from the sub-committees, prominent people from the affected 19 states of the region would be co-opted to assist make the occasion a huge success.

Inaugurating the sub-committees yesterday at the National Centre for Women Development, Abuja, Deputy Senate President and chairman of the steering committee, Alhaji Ibrahim Mantu explained that the reception was meant to act as an encouragement for the Vice President towards meeting the challenges of his office. He explained.

Since the election and inauguration of the present civilian administration, friends of the vice-president particularly from the three geopolitical zones in the northern part of the country have nursed the idea of granting the Vice President a befitting reception as a form of support and encouragement towards meeting the challenges of his exalted office as the number two citizens of this country.

The purpose of today's meting therefore is to crystallise this desire and to set in motion the machinery for attaining this lofty endeavour.

He told the committee members who cut across political, religious and ethnic divides of the North that their participation in this endeavour will hopefully provide us with the opportunity to re-assess our vision and to also bear on the most viable direction our leadership should assume in the governance of this country.

Present at the committee inauguration ceremony include Deputy Senate President, Ibrahim Mantu; Hon Farouk Lawan, Senators Alex Kadiri and Saidu Kumo. Business moguls cum politicians like Isa Funtua Steve Laujani, Paulen Tallen and Danjuma Goje (Serving Ministers), Hon Florence Aya, Aziz Waziri, and Senator Janfa also graced the occasion.