The politics of ethnically-based needs

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Communique issued at the end of the 7th council meeting of Ijaw youths held at Kalabiama community in the OPOBP clan of Ijawland on the 20th day of March 1999
From Ijaw Youths Council, organ of the All Ijaw Youth Conference, 6 April 1999. Delegates and council members from the 67 clans of Ijawland met at the ancient town of Kalabiama in the Opobo Clan of Ijawland. an examination of local, national and international issues and interests which borders on our march to our self-determination as people.
To Your Tents, Oh! Nigerians
By Sunday Dare, The News, 9 May 2000. Northern leaders are panicky as Igbo and Yoruba settlers embark on an unprecedented human, material and financial exodus. As most of the emigres vow never to return to the North, some are moving to avoid being in the wrong part of Nigeria if the planned declaration of Biafra goes ahead on 27 May.
Police Go Tough On Militant Groups
By Paul Ejime, PANA, 19 July 2000. The Nigeria Police has warned militant ethnic groups that their activities posed a major threat to the country's young democracy. Extra-legal groups such as the Yoruba O'odua People's Congress or OPC, active in Lagos and the south-west, and the Bakassi Boys, now operating in the south-east, have virtually wrested security responsibilities from the statutory state agencies.
North Mobilises For Political Rebirth
Post Express (Lagos), 4 October 2000. Mobilization to recover the strength of the once monolithic North. Reciption planned for President Abubakar in Kaduna, capital of the association of 19 northern states. Overcoming the divisions of the three geopolitical zones in the north, religious and enthic divisions.
Nigerian Southern Governors Meet Again
Panafrican News Agency, 26 March 2001. Governors of the 17 southern Nigerian states meeting in a conference expected to be dominated by issues related to resource control, revenue allocation and security. The meeting is the third in a series, which started in October 2000. Context is the legal tussle between the federal government and the 36 States in the country over resource control,