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Day Of Reckoning For A Self-confessed Witch

By Joseph Aimienmwona, Post Express (Lagos), 16 January 2001

Lagos—Ordinarily, the fact that demonised people are seeking spiritual rebirth in the church is no longer news, in fact the house of God is usually the last bus-stop for spiritually troubled persons genuinely in search of deliverance.

Of all the churches known for the liberation of souls from the kingdom of darkness, the Synagogue Church of All Nations perhaps, has excelled as multitudes of souls afflicted with demonic scourge besiege the church daily in search of deliverance.

The emphasis on deliverance at the Synagogue is hinged on the realisation that Christ and devil cannot occupy a single soul. By arrangement, therefore, a special segment is usually reserved for delivering souls from the scourge of evil spirits: And of course, this is the last segment of the marathon worship session where the seeds are usually seperated from the chaff during mass prayer session.

Two Sundays ago however, made an exception to the rule as a woman interupted the regular sermon session. It all started like a script written and adapted with the woman playing a major role as the lead character. Time was 1.00pm.

As usual, the man in the Synagogue, Prophet T.B Joshua, mounted the altar to preach the sermon of the day, which dwelt on the theme 2001: A Year of Reward. As the servant of God educated this congregation on salvation, which he identified as a catalyst towards attaining the kingdom of heaven, congregation was orbited into that enclosure atmosphere reserved for the children of the Lord.

In the midst of this spiritual up-liftment an eerie voice echoed through the main auditorium of the church Aje ni me o, literary translated in English language as I am a witch

If the members of the congregation were shocked at the confession, a bigger poser was still awaiting them as the woman, in her early 30s, continued; I am a witch and I specialise in eating human flesh and bones, she added hysterically.

For many of the adherents who have developed strong shock absorbers for resisting gory stales, this was something else. And as one of the new comers observed, thus is a scene from the Hammer House of Horror.

Initially, Prophet Joshua ignored the woman, at least to return the attention of the congregation because of the significance of the sermon. But moved by the spirit of God, the servant of God momentarily turned his attention back to the woman with an admonition to her to allow the Holy Spirit exercise full control over her evil spirit.

For some moments, the tempo of the sermon was slowed down as the action of the woman completely dominated the thought of the congregation.

Quickly, Prophet Joshua took control of the situation and the sermon progressed until it ended. But as it were, the scenario conjured by the woman was just a dress rehearsal of what was in the offing, as another woman was already warming up to beat the record of the woman in the competition among the combatants in the kingdom of Satan.

This time around, it was at the emergency section where those afflicted with various diseases were patiently waiting for the man of God to proclaim peace and comfort on them.

Armed with their placards, describing their various afflictions, the patents, which included a prominent chief judge attached to the Delta State judiciary military personnel and men of timber and calibre (apology to the late Dr. K.O Mbadiwe), caught pathetic picture of people displaying certificates of death.

Again the congregation were jolted as a fair skinned woman was sighted displaying a placard which read; Man of God, help me with a rider: Leg poisoning. All along, other patients had received their healings on a platter of gold as the man of God healed them effortlessly through the power of Jesus Christ.

It was a busy day, typical of the Synagogue. Camera men were clicking and recording the various scenes: the woman, whose turn was next, began to tremble violently as if she was in a fit of epilepsy. As she was gyrating with her hands in the air, the man of God looked straight into her eyes.

Suddenly, she shouted and broke into a race. From the way she ran, one would think she was an Olympic super star. It became evident that the woman had demonic spirit in her as the power of the Holy Spirit arrested her on the spot.

Surprisingly, her arrest was at the cancer section of the emergency where patients who are afflicted with such diseases usually receive healing. The prophet completes the story thus: as you can see some of these people come here with various motives to tempt the Holy Spirit, adding that in the congregation of the saints, there is no hiding place for the evil transgressor.

Back to the other woman who had interrupted the sermon earlier in the day, Joshua, in a moment of inspiration, had similarly digressed a bit after invoking the Holy Ghost. Continuing the sermon, the servant of God said: If you preach as Christ would have preached, the power of healing and deliverance would be invoked

He quoted Mark 1:2 to buttress his sermon. And as he declared, the Synagogue is the same, yesterday, today and forever, adding that the episode of the woman who bowed to the power of the Holy Spirit in the middle of the sermon attested to the potent power in the word.

Indeed, it was a day of reckoning of the women of darkness.