The history of superstition in the Federal Republic of Nigeria

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Traditional religion

Fatal Lightning Raises Religious Storm
By Paul Ejime, PANA, 17 February 1996. Complex conflict between traditional faith, Chritianity and Jehovah's witnesses.
PANA, 8 March 1996. King of Benin suggests the Nigerian government might slow the deepening contradiction manifest in the Ogoni crisis by using traditional religious means.
Osun Festival Commences
By Akintunde Adegboye, Oshogbo Arts Academy, Post Express (Lagos), 2 August 2000. The ancient city of Osogbo awaits this year's annual Osun Festival. As old as Osogbo itself, it started in the 18th Century to commemorate the pact between Osun goddess and Oba Laroye, the founder of Osogbo, if people continue to worship her. Osogbo became immortalised as a result of her magical powers and the love of children.


PFN May Go to Court
By Nwaobia Chigbu, Post Express (Lagos), 9 September 2000. The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), the umbrella organisation of Pentecostal churches in the country, has concluded plans to begin a legal action against states operating the sharia system in the country. More than prayers needed to combat Islamic law.
Otokoto Uprising: Bishop Protests Innocence
By Ben Duru, Post Express (Lagos), 14 September 2000. The bishop maintained that the human head found inside his church premises was not used for ritual purposes but was brought by one of his worshippers who had denounced occultism. The bishop had been imprisoned during the Otokoto uprising in 1996 as a resulting of beheadings by ritualists. He claims to have learned his lesson from that.
Cause of Ethnic Crisis Identified
By Babs Bello, P.M. News (Lagos), 30 October 2000. General Overseer of the London-based Kingsway International Christian Centre, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo has blamed the recent ethnic clashes across the country on Satan. Satanic forces bent on stifling the country's development.
Prey To Fake Prayers
By Anthony Okoro, P.M. News (Lagos), 13 November 2000. The prophet Samuel Wole offered to liberate a believer from the grips of his enemies. He was taken to a river bank where he had several baptisms and the Bible was put on the ground and suddenly, a voice echoed from nowhere conversing with the priest and his 'catch'. The victim then was extorted of money.
Day Of Reckoning For A Self-confessed Witch
By Joseph Aimienmwona, Post Express (Lagos), 16 January 2001. Of all the churches known for the liberation of souls from the kingdom of darkness, the Synagogue Church of All Nations perhaps, has excelled as multitudes of souls afflicted with demonic scourge besiege the church daily in search of deliverance.
The Big Money Scam
By Abdulateef Ottan, The News (Lagos), 10 September 2001. As Nigerians fall over one another to become instant millionaires through phantom investment schemes, a pastor bolts with N250 million. Pastor Samuel Power has everything a city pastor needs to attract money: good looks, designer clothes, Spirit-led prophecies and above all, an ability to relate the scriptures to the earthly needs of the city dweller.


Nigeria's Sharia split
BBC, 15 October 2001. Kano state, which has seen the latest sectarian violence between Christians and Muslims, is one of a number of northern states which extended the scope of Islamic law last year. The sharia is now practised, to a greater or lesser degree, in ten states and has exacerbated differences between the predominately Christian south and the Islamic north.