The economic history of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

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A Glimmer Of Hope
By Remi Oyo, IPS, 11 January 2000. Nigeria is the 10th largest oil producer in the world. The oil is the single most important sector in the country's economy, providing over 90 percent of its total exports. Need to accomodate Niger Delta youth and attract foreign investment. Experts on Nigeria predict hard times, but the promise of democracy brings hope.
IT Holds Potentials to Alleviate Poverty
By Oluwatosin Johnson, This Day (Lagos), 21 August 2000. The need to use IT as an avenue to speed up the poverty alleviation program that is a major priority of the current democratic government in the country, to make the human capital in the country more relevant and participate successfully in the global economy driven by IT.
There'll Be Electricity for All By 2001, Anyim Assures
By Sufuyan Ojeifo, Vanguard Daily, 21 October 2000. Government plans to focus on the provision of electricity throughout Nigeria in the 2001 budget. the areas of electricity, water and road, the government has been working consistently towards achieving a level of development in Nigeria such that in the next year, every community would have either electricity or water and road or both.
Minister Explains World Bank/IMF Programme
This Day (Lagos), 26 October 2000. The new World Bank-/IMF programme being implemented by the Federal Government will promote sustainable economic growth, the Minister of State for Finance says. With a successful implementation of the new reforms, the country stands a chance of reducing its external debts by 70 per cent through cancellation.
Nigeria Has Been Stagnant for 30 Years - World Bank
By Etim Imisim, This Day (Lagos), 27 March 2001. The World Bank has said that almost nothing positive has happened in Nigeria in the past three decades. Though Nigeria reaped bountifully from oil resources, its performance in the economic sector had been startlingly poor; the country's per capita income witnessed a major erosion since its peak in the early 1980s.