The history of the agricultural economy of Nigeria

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Nigeria Sets Up Fund For Agricultural Development
PANA, 26 June 2000. The establishment of a National Agricultural Development Fund (NADF), as part of efforts to revitalise the country's agricultural sector. The marketing problems of Nigerian farmers. The NADF would provide a reliable access to funds by farmers at a very low interest rate and provide research grants to institutes and funding for farm extension services.
Subsidise Agriculture, Ignore IMF, World Bank, Expert Tells FG
By Queeneth Opara, This Day (Lagos), 7 November 2000. Interview on the difficulties experienced in the agricultural sector and the way out. The Agricultural Policy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has not got much to be desired.
Experts Canvass Agricultural Revolution To Boost Economy
By Adaobi Okafor, Vanguard Daily (Lagos), 27 March 2001. In a bid to hit the projected target of six per cent growth in agricultural output in 2001 against four per cent achieved last year, the federal government has been advised to embark on an agricultural revolution whereby states could identify certain areas and improve on them.
Research Indicates Rice Boom
By Affine Ugwuadu, Vanguard (Lagos), 13 July 2001. There are strong indications of a possible rice boom in Nigeria as West Africa Rice Development Association's (WARDA)) sponsored projects has discovered that over 50 per cent of the country's rice area are compatible with its NERICA technology.