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Message-ID: <157450@isis.Reed.EDU>
Date: 02 Sep 95 10:05:28 PDT
From: Chris.Lowe@directory.Reed.EDU (Chris Lowe)
Reply-To: AFRLABOR@acuvax.acu.edu
Subject: Kinshasa political strike
To: AFRLABOR@acuvax.acu.edu

Kinshasa political strike

From Chris Lowe, 2 September 1995

Reuters reports that a strike in Kinshasa, Zaire shut down formal sector activity, while "The informal sector was still working, but at a much reduced level." They report that the strike or "'dead city' day" was called by the Sacred Union of the Radical Opposition and Allies, a party led by former Prime Minister Etienne Tshisekedi, as part of a campaign against current Prime Minister Kengo wa Dondo. The party claims that Tshisekedi was unlawfully removed as Prime Minister. Reuters compares traffic in the city centre to that on a public holiday.

The report is ambiguous but it appears that the strike was on September 1.