The opposition to Mobutu

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Zaire Network Office
From the Zaire Network Office, Washington, 5 December 1994. Zaire Network Office and Zaire Educational Council are Washington-based organizations of Zairians who seek to influence US policy toward Mobutu's Zaire.
Kinshasa political strike
From Chris Lowe, 2 September 1995. Reuters reports a general strike in Kinshasa called by the Sacred Union of the Radical Opposition and Allies, a party led by former Prime Minister Etienne Tshisekedi, as part of a campaign against current Prime Minister Kengo wa Dondo.
Behind the crisis in Eastern Zaire
By Barry Crawford, Africa Direct, 1 November 1996. The Hutu refugee crisis and Tutsi Banyamulenge rebels from Eastern Zaire. Western destabilization of Mobutu's government, and the development of support for the Tutsi rebels. But deeper cause is Western intervention to support the Rwandan Patriotic Front's victory in 1994.
The Liberation Movement in Zaire Takes Off
Interview with Kass Kasadi, 25 December 1996. Mounting refugee crisis in Kivu province and UN plans, but opposition not based on ethnic identity. Motivations of the parties opposed to Mobutu.
Rebellion In Central Africa Stings Paris
By Megan Arney, in the Militant, 27 January 1997. The French government admits that European mercenaries might be operating in Zaire to prop up the government of President Mobutu Sese Seko against rebel forces that have taken over a strip of eastern Zaire.
Rebels take ground in Zaire
In the Militant, 24 February 1997. Antigovernment rebels in eastern Zaire have taken substantial ground in recent weeks and now have a strong foothold in four of the country's 11 provinces and are poised to attack the major cities of Kisangani and Lubumbashi. The rebels are reportedly supported by the governments of Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi, along Zaire's eastern border.
Zaire Rebels Advance, Imperialists Take Aim
By Megan Arney, in the Militant, 10 March 1997. As rebels in Zaire come closer to capturing Kisangani, the country's third largest city, new rumors of intervention are being floated by government spokespeople from a number of imperialist powers, led by Washington.
African solution needed for African crisis
By William Pomeroy, in People's Weekly World, 22 March 1997. Progress of rebel forces against the Mobutu despotism. Significant is the declining role of mercenaries and increasing involvement of African nations in resolving problems.
Patrice Lumumba's son speaks in Harlem on Zaire
By Daniel Vila, in People's Weekly World, 22 March 1997. Patrice Lumumba, Prime Minister of Zaire after the country's independence from Belgium in 1960, was overthrown in a CIA engineered coup in 1961, and Mobutu installed. Here information on the anti-Mobutu forces.
Rebels Take More Ground In Zaire
By Megan Arney, in the Militant, 24 March 1997. Alliance of Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Congo-Zaire (ADF) advancing on Kisangani, and the massive popular support for Kabila makes it increasingly unlikely that the dictatorship of Mobutu Sese Seko will survive. U.S. and U.N. intervention.
Kinshasa paralysed by general strike
By Norm Dixon, Green Left Weekly, April 1997. Broad popular strike on April 14-15 to protest Mobutu's sacking of Prime Minister Etienne Tshisekedi and demand that Mobutu resign, and express support for the ADF forces.
U.S. role in the rebels' forward march
By Antoine Combe, in L'Etincelle, 26 April 1997. U.S. intervenes in stalled Mobutu-Kabila negotiations and enters alliance with Kabila because of U.S. mining interests in Zaire's resources, but the U.S. plans go back 18 months.
Imperialism and Africa: Where is Zaire headed?
By William Pomeroy, in People's Weekly World, 24 May 1997. The liberation struggle that brought down US-sponsored President Mobutu Seso Seko.
Che Guevara's War-Cry Still Resounds in Congo
By Dihur Godefoid Tchamlesso, Prensa Latina (Havana), 22 May 1997. An account of the Cuban mission of April-November 1965, in support of the struggle against Mobutu. Includes a more positive assessment of Kabila.
Che In The Congo: `A Return To Our Internationalist Roots'
By Ernesto Montero Acuña, in Trabajadores. Article translated by the Militant. Memoire of the Cuban internationalists who August 1965 aided Congo-Brazzaville and Congo-Leopoldville.