The retrospective history of the People's Republic of Congo—Brazzaville

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Timeline: Republic of Congo
BBC News Online, Wednesday 9 May 2001. A chronology of key political events. It begins in the 1400s with the arrival in the region of Bakongo, Bateke and Sanga ethnic groups and ends in 2001.
Belgium accused of killing African hero
By Ian Black in Brussels, The Guardian, Saturday 15 January 2000. Lugo de Witte, a Flemish expert on Africa, called for a parliamentary commission of inquiry to hear testimony from former officials involved in the 1961 killing of Patrice Lumumba, one of Africa's most charismatic post-colonial leaders.
President ‘ordered murder’ of Congo leader
By Martin Kettle in Washington, The Guardian, Thursday 10 August 2000. Forty years after the murder of the Congolese independence leader Patrice Lumumba, evidence has emerged in Washington that President Dwight Eisenhower directly ordered the CIA to eliminate him.
Shedding light on Belgium's heart of darkness
By Ian Black, Friday 27 April 2001. Not many Belgians can tell you much about the short life and times of Patrice Lumumba. But the 40-year-old mystery of who murdered Africa's most promising post-colonial leader came back to haunt them this week—and shows no signs of going away.