The economic history of the Republic of the Congo

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Africa's free market—reply to NZ editorial
Peter Romanovsky, New Zealand Herald, 20 February 1998. The economy of Congo-Kinshasa is a free market economy—nothing constrains graft and greed.
America Mineral Fields Inc. Reiterates Its Commitment To Congolese Government
By America Mineral Fields, 6 April 1998. The Company re-releases its news release of March 23, 1998 which clarified its relationship with the Democratic Republic of the Congo and makes public a letter, dated March 20, 1998, which its Chief Executive Officer addressed to the government.
In Africa, wealth often buys only trouble
By Howard W. French, 19 August 1999. How, Jean-Raymond Broulle of America Mineral Fields supported the rebellion of Kabila so that his company would end up with control of Congo-Kinshasa's great copper and cobalt resources after Kabila became president, and how Kabila reniged on the deal in favor of Anglo-American, which has a link with Kabila's Minister of the Economy.