The economic history of Congo before 1997

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Gacamines: between pit and pendulum
African Business, January 1995. Western capital holds back from Cagamines Zaire state mining company. Apparent western boycott because atmosphere not favorable to capital. Sqeeze on miners' wages also contributes.
National Reconstruction Plan for Zaire
By Edward S. Marek, 29 January 1996. Reponds to a book that suggests economic growth automatically flows from removing constraints on capital. Author argues to contrary that what Zaire really needs is instead an economic recovery plan based on practical reforms.
A false economic dawn?
By Sanou Mbaye Le Monde diplomatique, June 1997. After the collapse of Mobutu, The DRC has been left stripped of resources, in spite of the mineral wealth being eyed covetously by foreign investors. The IMF structural adjustment, privatisation and deregulation policies have impoverished the population.