The working-class history of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Gecamines Kinshasa, Congo, Workers Strike Over Pay Delays
Reuters, in DAMN, Monday 26 April 1999. All 600 Kinshasa-based employees of Congolese mining giant Gecamines went on strike on Thursday over unpaid wages. The strikers said they had not been paid for nine months.
Civil Servants Call Off Strike
PANA, 11 August 1999. The government pledged to convene without delay a meeting with the unions to discuss the plight of the civil servants. The government also pledged to pay all salary arrears owed civil servants in the provinces as soon as possible.
Campagne pour briser le silence en milieu professionnel
Panafrican News Agency, 29 December 2000. L'Union nationale des travailleurs du Congo (UNTC), la plus importante organisation syndicale de la république démocratique du Congo, a lancé une campagne de sensibilisation autour de la transmission du SIDA au sein des entreprises.
Kigali Denies Using Forced Labour in DRC
UN Integrated Regional Information Network (Nairobi), 22 March 2001. Rwanda has denied allegations that it is using forced labour to work in mines in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Witness had seen 1,500 Rwandan prisoners working under armed guard at a colombite-tantalite mine in Numbi.
Grève générale dans la fonction publique
Panafrican News Agency (Dakar), 3 April 2001. Intersyndicale de l'administration publique (IAP) a été contrainte de décider le déclenchement d'une grève générale. Convoqués pour une réunion d'information sur l'application d'un nouveau barème dans la Fonction publique, les fonctionnaires de l'Etat ont pris de court leurs délégués en les poussant à décider séance tenante d'un arrêt de travail.
Arrests And Detentions of Union Members in Katanga
UN Integrated Regional Information Network, 5 July 2001. Four members of a railroad workers union, Solidarite, were abducted in the southern Katanga province by the Agence Nationale de Renseignements (ANR), the government intelligence agency, and subjected to corporal punishment.
Widespread international condemnation of violations in Congo
ICFTU Online..., 1 August 2002. An international outcry against violations of trade union rights has followed a call from the ICFTU for solidarity for 9 trade unionists currently appealing a ten month prison sentence for legitimate trade union activities