The history of women and gender in the Gabonese Republic (Gabon)

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Renforcer la place de la femme dans la gestion des questions urbaines
Panafrican News Agency, 2 October 2000. The need to9 pay particular attention to urban questions concerning women. Need for women in urban government. Urban government reform plan (in French).
Près de 3000 Gabonaises marchent pour la dignité des femmes
Panafrican News Agency, 8 October 2000. Nearly 3000 Gabanese women lined up in the streets of Libreville Saturday on the occasion of the World March of Women, to call for the elimination of poverty and to protest against violence done to women (in French).
Célébration de la Journée panafricaine de la Femme
Panafrican News Agency, 13 October 2000. The Gabonese minister of the Family and the Promotion of Women, Mme Agelique Ngoma, Thursday called upon Gabonese women to invest in, indeed, to acquire a culture of peace. An exhibition marking of the Panafrican Day of Women (in French).