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Subject: TANZANIA NEWS ONLINE-No.6 9/23/97
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Faster Privatisation ahead, Mkapa Tells IMF

Tanaznia News Online, No. 6, id PAA00953, 23 September 1997

More rapid privatisation will be pursued in the coming months, President Benjamin Mkapa has declared at a meeting with representatives of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The president made the remarks in discussion at State House recently with Mr Gerry Johnson, leader of a visiting mission from the IMF.

The Tanzanian president expressed his commitment to ensuring a rapid pace in the privatisation process, while admitting that the disposal of state companies to the private sector has been somewhat slow. Mr Johnson, for his part, agreed with the president that Programme schedules designed by IMF to pursue economic reforms in the country had to take into account the real situation facing Tanzania.

Tanzania is already in the second year of implementing reforms tied to an Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility. Members of the IMF mission arrived in the country towards the end of August on a routine annual assessment of the economy and held consultations with relevant officials in the Union and Zanzibar governments.