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EU Welcomes Reconciliation In Comoro Islands

Panafrican News Agency (Dakar), 1 March 2001

Brussels, Belgium - The European Union (EU) officially announced Wednesday its satisfaction regarding the signing, on 17 February, of a framework agreement marking the reconciliation in Comoro Islands.

According to the 15 members of the Union, this agreement constitutes "a remarkable achievement as it defines the steps for a peaceful transition to democracy", the EU said in a statement.

The EU also welcomed the fact that all parties from the Comoro Islands approved the agreement which is a "process to find a solution to the constitutional and separatist crisis" that has been rocking the country for many years.

On that account, the EU praised the role played by the Organisation of African Unity and the international organization of French-speaking countries in bringing about this agreement.

EU members have also expressed their willingness to support the democratisation process and the economic and social development of the Comoro Islands.

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