The history of Anjouan Island, Comoro

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Salim Calls For Tougher Measures Against Anjouan Separatists
PANA, 9 July 2000. OAU Secretary General Salim Ahmed Salim urged it to consider stronger measures against Anjouan separatists. The separatists had continued their defiance of the OAU and the rest of the international community, despite punitive measures. The Comoros' military government has been barred from participating in the OAU since it came to power almost three years ago.
Ministers Propose Military Intervention In Comoros
By Sidy Gaye, PANA Correspondent, 10 July 2000. The intransigence of the separatists may soon end if African leaders at Lome endorse military action as proposed by the OAU council of ministers.
Comoran, Anjouan Leaders Sign Joint Declaration
Panafrican News Agency, 27 August 2000. Comoran head of state Col. Azali Assoumani and Anjouan separatist leader Lt. Col. Said Abeid have signed a joint declaration expected to end the crisis in the islands. They agreed to commit themselves to creating a Comoran entity, itself a subject of international law with a restricted list of common areas of competence, namely religion, nationality and currency.
Crackdown On Opposition
UN Integrated Regional Information Network (IRIN), 6 September 2000. The breakaway Anjouan regime has cracked down on the opposition which denounces the reconciliation agreement as a gimmick designed to keep both military governments in power. The international community has rejected the reconciliation deal signed on Saturday between Abderemanein and Comoros strongman Colonel Assoumani Azali, officially aimed at ending Anjouan's three-year-old secession.
EU Welcomes Reconciliation In Comoro Islands
Panafrican News Agency (Dakar), 1 March 2001. The European Union (EU) officially announced its satisfaction regarding the signing, on 17 February, of a framework agreement marking the reconciliation in Comoro Islands. The EU praised the role played by the Organisation of African Unity and the international organization of French-speaking countries in bringing about this agreement.