The contemporary political history of the Union of Comoros Islands

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French are not Worried
From the Indian Ocean Newsletter, Politics; 4 February 1995. Entry visa requirements to counter Jeunesse Comorienne and Union des Jeunesses Revolutionnaires des Comores troubles French nationals in Moroni.
Comoros Democratic Front Spliter Group Creates New Party
By Ali Moindjie, PANA Correspondent, 25 July 2000. A splinter group of the Comorian Democratic Front has finally transformed itself into a new political party known as the Movement for Socialism and Democracy or MSD.
La privatisation n'a pas produit de miracle
By Ali Moindjie, Panafrican News Agency, Analysis, 30 September 2000. La CEE estime ne pas pouvoir envisager de baisser le prix de l'électricité tant que la fraude n'aura pas été maîtrisée. Pour leur part, de plus en plus de cadres comoriens s'insurgent contre la privatisation qui a sacrifié les intérêts nationaux.
Government, Opposition Close to Political Agreement
Panafrican News Agency, 24 December 2000. The government and opposition in Comoro are said to be close to an agreement that could involve power-sharing and a reduction of political tension in the country. Debates on the constitution of the New Comorian Ensemble within a joint institution comprising government and opposition members.
Opposition Withdraws From Framework Agreement
Panafrican News Agency (Dakar), 14 March 2001. The Comorian opposition suspends its involvement in the 17 February framework agreement. It argued that the follow-up committee must include representatives from Moroni and Anjouan as well as opponents to the two governments.
BBC Country Profile, 9 May 2001. A brief collection of facts accompanied with a map.
Political Crisis in Comoro Worries
By Joachim Mwalongo, TOMRIC Agency (Dar es Salaam), 16 May 2001. The endless and escalating political crisis in Comoro will send refugees fleeing to Tanzania. The political crisis started in 1997 with the cessation of the Island of Anjuan, followed by a military coup d'etat on the main Comoro Island (Grande Comoros).