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Mungiki Members Censured

The Nation (Nairobi), 21 December 2000

Nairobi - The Mungiki sect has been accused of having a hidden agenda and practising double standards.

Muslim leaders who converted the sect members to Islam should explain what guidelines they had given them, Council of Imams and Preachers South Coast Chairman Amir Banda said yesterday.

Referring to last week's incident where Mungiki coordinator Ndura Waruinge and 50 members had attended a church service before being arrested, Sheikh Banda pointed out that Islam did not allow such double standards.

He was speaking in Mombasa. Sheikh Banda noted that if the Mungikis are willing to join Islam, then they should portray a good name.

The Council chairman accompanied by Muslim Scholar sheikh Mohamed Sheikh warned that Muslims will not allow a few people to play around with Islam pretending they were converts.

He asked the Mungiki's to preach Islam and not fool around by going to mosque today and tomorrow to church.

Sheikh Banda pointed out that Islam guided everyone to be faithful and honest.

The Chairman stressed the need of the Mungiki converts to conduct themselves as devoted Muslims and stop trying to indulge in petty and flimsy issues aimed at earning them cheap publicity.

Sheikh Banda said The Council of Imams was closely monitoring the activities of the Mungikis countrywide and will issue a statement after investigations.

He noted that it was pointless for people to think they could use islam as a "hideout" adding that Muslims were watching such people day and night.