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Subject: (en) Mauritius, Port Louis, African Reggae Singer Killed in Custody
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A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

Police Custody Death of African Reggae Singer Causes Riots

A-Infos News Service, 6 March 2001

Mauritius, Port Louis - The government of the small African island of Mauritius has ordered an inquiry into the rioting that recently brought unrest to the normally peaceful capital city of Port Louis and surrounding regions. The riots, which caused four deaths, the firebombing of police stations, the closing of schools and stores, road-blocking and car-burning, began after the death of local reggae singer, Kaya. The singer died while in police custody, after being arrested for smoking marijuana during a protest for drug legalization.

While the public accusations have suggested that Kaya's death resluted from skull fractures inflicted by police, the police authorities deny that any assault took place and offered no further explanation of Kaya's death.

In many ways similar to Jamaica, the island of Mauritius is a small, pleasant island which serves as a popular tourist destination for wealthy Europeans. The nation claims to be prosperous and tranquil, offering stability and harmony for a racially mixed population. However, a large percentage of that population are creoles, descendents of slaves, who are mostly poor and underprivileged.