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Date: Thu, 5 Jan 1995 17:09:47 -0400
Sender: The African Global Experience <>
From: "Emmanuel K. Twesigye or send instructions on how to" <EKTWESIG@CC.OWU.EDU>
Subject: Re: Africa_Ectasy_and_Agony (fwd)

Who is profiting from Rwandan Chaos

By Emmanuel K. Twesigye, 5 January 1995

WHO IS PROFITING FROM RWANDAN CHAOS? The Western arms traders, a few Tutsi's and some Ugandan opportunists are benefitting from the war in Rwanda.

Paul Kagame and his close associates have gained power and access to Rwanda's national treasures to enrich themselves and their own friends!

The Hutus and the Tutsis have all lost people, in terms of relatives, and friends, therefore, if life is the greatest possession and unique divine gift, then Rwanda and the rest of Africa have lost human resources in this war. Regional peace and economy have been disturbed and lost; people have been brutalized and traumatized for a long time to come!

The apparent victors and gainers in this conflict and chaos may actually live to regret their own actions of greed, genocide and brutality.

However, the Western arms manufacturers and arms dealers have gained in terms of money. These merchants of death are as morally reprehensible as the perpetra-tors of geneocide and their Uganda trainers, finciers and both moral and polit- ical supporters, expecially President Yoweri Museveni.

Emmanuel K. Twesigye, OWU