The contemporary political history of the Rwandese Republic (Rwanda)

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International Tribunal on Hutus is Hypocrisy
By Henry F. Mirima, Editor-in-Chief of The Exposure, August 1994. Argues that the big powers behind the RPF were at fault, and there can be no peace without majority (Hutu) rule.
Rwanda Genocide
From The Exposure, August 1994. Argues the RPF became an instrument of big powers' wish to halt spread of Islamic fundamentalism.
Chers Compatriotes
A letter from Mathias Cyamukungu, 17 December 1994 (in French). With FPR war over, Rwandais intellectuals must continue their struggle in peaceful terms. Also interview with Rwandais official in Brussels.
Ruanda's Crisis
By Luan'Sende Lubuele, 30 December 1994. Argues that Tutsi-Hutu animosity was kindled by Habyarimana for self-interested political reasons.
Who is profiting from Rwandan Chaos
By Emmanuel K. Twesigye, 5 January 1995. A short opinion article.
The Gratian plan: A response to Mathias Cyamukungu
By Joseph (Jeff) Nsengimana, 10 January 1995. A defense of the RPF.
Marking The 1994 Genocide Anniversary
By Chris Simpson, 2 April 1999. Rwanda headed into a week of national mourning on the back of first-time elections and the promise of a broader democratisation at a later stage.
Rwanda's Main Party Apologises For The 1994 Genocide
By Jean Baptiste Kayigamba, IPS, 14 April 1999. The Chairman of Rwanda's main political party, the MDR, which incited Hutus to slaughter their Tutsi neighbours, has asked for forgiveness for its role in the 1994 genocide. The party Chairman, Pierre Celestin Rwigema, says they have begun reforming the Mouvement Democratique Republicain.
Rwanda: Rebuilding a country
By Cecilia Locmant, ICFTU Online..., 23 November 1999. Human Rights Watch explains the constant ‘failures’ of the Arusha International Tribunal. But young trade unionists have a desire to rebuild. Everything is still embryonic, but the young people here want to rebuild what has been destroyed.