The culture history of East Africa as a whole

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Neglected Heroes Remind Us of Our Heritage
By Ken Kamoche, The Nation (Nairobi), 22 April 2001. A country that does not cherish its past will not generally show much concern for its future. Forgotten and neglected heroes. The role of education and public holidays. What constitutes Kenyan history is relatively short and we seem unable or unwilling to understand and treasure it.
Drought Hurts Education
The Nation (Nairobi), 24 May 2001. Children in many parts of Isiolo South are yet to return to school because of drought and famine. Without assistance to pastralists in the Isiolo and Garissa districts, the people might be forced to leave the area and create insecurity.
A Valentine in kiSwahili (kataa kata?)
From C. Spinner, 12 July 2004. A transcription of a song from either Zanzibar, Arusha or Lamu. It reads like a love song that would be quite popular at social functions at the coast.