The history of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT)

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Victory for Teachers
From ICFTU OnLine, 16 Feburary 1998. Government agrees to meet its contractual obligation over salaries.
Teachers' Strike Paralyses Schools Nationwide
By Philip Ngunjiri, IPS, 16 July 1998. Teachers protest the government's refusal to withdraw a controversial bill that would take away salary increases awarded last year.
IMF intervenes in Kenya teacher's strike
Daily Nation, 21 October 1998. It was revealed in the Financial Times (13/10/98) that the IMF made it known that they would not approve an urgently needed new loan facility if the government acceded to the teachers demands.
Education International Press Release
Concern over possible intervention of the IMF in the teacher's strike in Kenya, 29 October 1998. IMF demands hostile to labor in Kenya.
Division In Kenyan Teachers Union Over Strike Threat
By Tervil Okoko, PANA, 10 August 2000. The head of KNUT has disowned its members advocating nation-wide strike to oppose government's controversial plan to transfer teachers countrywide for equitable distribution of personnel. While the government insists on going ahead with the program to redistribute teachers more rationally, the teacher union is divide.
Over 34,000 Teachers to Be Axed
Panafrican News Agency, 9 September 2000. Some 34,146 Kenyan teachers will be retired in the second phase of the ongoing civil service reform program. The Civil Service Retrenchment Plan 2000-2002 will lay off over half of Kenya's entire teacher population over a period of five years.
Teachers To Go On Strike In January
By Kariuki Waihenya, The Nation (Nairobi), 7 December 2000. Teachers yesterday resolved to go on strike in January unless the remaining phases of their 1997 salary increment are implemented. They also vowed to resist mass transfers aimed at distributing teachers countrywide.
Teachers' Strike Is Called Off
By Kariuki Waihenya, The Nation (Nairobi), 6 January 2001. KNUT backs out of a strike threat. The change of heart followed successful negotiation with the government over the transfer of teachers and implementation of salary awards outstanding from the 1998–1999 financial year.
Veteran Trade Unionist Dies
Panafrican News Agency (Dakar), 3 March 2001. Veteran trade unionist and a long serving secretary-general of the Kenya National Union of Teachers, Ambrose Adongo, died in Nairobi Friday. His obituary.
Adongo's Legacy To His Lieutenants
The Daily Nation, Opinion, 3 March 2001. At independence, the teachers' industrial movement was hived off the main Kenya Federation of Labour (now called Central Organisation of Trade Unions) to prevent teachers from engaging in wild-cat actions; teachers would be so well treated that they would not strike and engage in other actions that could harm Kenya's young economy. No individual has worked as tirelessly for that ideal as Mr. Ambrose Adeya Adongo.