The social history of the Republic of Kenya

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Land Of The Waving Palms
By Horace Awori, IPS, 20 January 1995. Corruption in Kenya is pretty bad judging from the fact researchers into the problem we re asked for bribes and other favours from people they attempted to interview.
Family Planners Target Men
By Judith Achieng', IPS, 7 January 1998. Local health officials here say they have managed to get men to go for counselling at family planning clinics, a marked departure from the general male attitude towards birth control methods.
Layoffs Can Be Painless
By Oduor Ong'wen, The Nation (Nairobi) 3 September 2000. The government is in the process of implementing the staff Retrenchment Programme. The exercise is planned to retire close to 50,000 by 2002. What is in doubt is whether the route the government has taken in the civil service reform will deliver the service.
Control the Growth of Slums in the City
Editorial, The Nation (Nairobi), 29 June 2001. The mushrooming of slums, and expansion of old shanty towns in Nairobi and other urban centres has reached alarming proportions. So rapid is the spread that shanties now threaten to swamp formal settlements whose construction has dwindled to a trickle.