The history of ethnicity in Kenya

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Heavy Cloud of Violence Looms, Coalition Says
By Moyiga Nduru, IPS, 9 April 1998. The Kikuyu, Kenya's largest single ethnic group, are pitted against the indigenous Kalenjin. Like the clashes in the Rift Valley in 1992, the current unrest over a land dispute is seen as part of a deliberate attempt to force the Kikuyu, who tend to support the opposition, from the from the area.
Kenya Clan Fight Leaves 30 Dead
By Tervil Okoko, PANA, 21 July 2000. The skirmishes occurred when more than 100 heavily armed bandits, believed to be from the Garre clan of Wajir North district attacked their neighbours, the Ajuran pastoralists at Bambaa Wednesday. The incident comes barely two weeks after militiamen attacked a group of pastoralists killing eight persons before fleeing with over 100 animals.
Avert Rising Threat of Ethnic Conflict
Editorial, The Nation (Nairobi), 13 May 2001. The climate of political intransigence and violence that threatened the country's peace in the early to mid-1990s is growing. Leaders of the affected ethnic communities have resorted to sabre-rattling. The Government's security machinery has failed to respond with alacrity.
A review of John Kamau, In Defence of a Minority Tribe Fighting for Survival
African Church Information Service, 3 July 2001. The Ogiek, a.k.a Dorobo, is a small tribe inhabiting the expansive Mau forests in central part of Kenya's Rift Valley province, and over the years found itself homeless because of the gazetting of all forestland by the colonial and the post-independent governments.
Ceasefire in Tana Clashes
The Nation (Nairobi), 23 July 2001. 10 elders from the warring Pokomo and Orma communities, selected by the Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya, have announced a ceasefire. The Federal Party of Kenya's Tana branch chairman claimed that the government was not serious about stopping the clashes.