The history of Christianity in Kenya

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Miracle Crusades Offer Hope To The Hopeless
By Katy Salmon, IPS, 6 June 2000. Jesus is here, thunders the blonde American evangelist, Reverend Peter Youngren. Preaching is a thriving business in Kenya today. International evangelists visit Nairobi almost every month, attracting million-strong crowds and collecting vast amounts of money. Kenyans are desperate; there is little hope on the horizon as unemployment and crime continue to rise.
‘Devil-Worshipper’ Stuns Crowd
The Nation (Nairobi), 20 October 2000. A self-confessed satanist presented at rally to prove that satanism was rife in the province. He said devil worship cults targeted mainly school children through peer influence, rock music and immoral programs in the electronic media; malicious campaigns against prominent personalities; worked to break family units; used hospitals where they influenced doctors to become reckless and cause deaths.
Nigerian Church Ordered Out of Kenyan Dist
Panafrican News Agency, 28 October 2000. A Kenyan cabinet minister has accused the Winners' Chapel, with roots in Nigeria, of various ills, including child abductions, and ordered it out of his home district. He said its leadership was working with anti-government forces and members of the Mungiki traditional sect to remove President Daniel arap Moi from power.
Religious Association Launches Cult Probe
Panafrican News Agency, 10 December 2000. A Kenyan Christian Association says it has set up a Commission to probe devil worship in learning institutions countrywide. Devil worship in Kenyan learning institutions is increasing at an alarming rate.
Clergymen Charged With Rape, Abduction
The Nation (Nairobi), 20 January 2001. Four clergymen were charged in Nairobi with abducting and defiling a 14-year-old girl. All of the Kariobangi-based Gospel Church of God were released on a personal bond. They faced another charge of intending to marry the girl without her consent and against her mother's will. The girl is said to have been initiated into a cult before being abducted.