The history of superstition in Kenya

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Ghosts Invade Kenyan Schools
By Tervil Okoko, PANA, 19 July 2000. Invasion by ghosts is increasingly becoming a daily story in Kenyan schools. Parents withdraw daughters from rural boarding schools. Head teacher accused of being cause. Exorcism conducted by Rev. Fr. Elias Murithi of Gachanjoni Parish.
Land Row Triggers Religious Violence
By Tervil Okoko, Panafrican News Agency, 2 December 2000. A dispute over a government land grant in a Nairobi residential slum has stoked religious clashes between Muslims and Christians. Killer gin. Christians burn mosque and Muslims burn houses. Religious leaders blame government.
Kenya Deceived Me—Lakwena
New Vision (Kampala), 5 July 2001. Alice Lakwena, the leader of Uganda's disintegrated Holy Spirit Movement, has blamed her 15-year exile in Kenya on the Kenyan authorities who she claimed misled her into fleeing Uganda.