The social history of the Republic of Burundi

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MSF reported to be leaving Burundi
BBC News, 18 November 1999. Brief news report on the abandonment of Burundi by Medecins sans Fontieres because of the civilian relocation policy.
Refugees have fled Burundi's civil war
BBC News, 9 February 2000. Brief news report on the government's intent to close its civilian relocation camps.
Burundi starvation warning
BBS News, 5 November 1999. The government policy of creating refugee camps in reponse to rural civil war interfers with aid.
Burundian students thrown out after protest
BBC World Servic, 5 May 1998. Brief news report on the student boycott of classes at Bajumbura University aimed to obtain unpaid grants and allowances.
Burundi students start compulsory service
BBC World Service, 10 August 1998. Six-thousand school graduates in Burundi have begun a year-long program of military education and community service which they must complete before going to university.