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Date: Thu, 14 Sep 1995 00:13:49 -0200
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ANC Statement on Anniversary of Death of Steve Biko

The African National Congress Department of Information and Publicity
13 September 1995

This year marks the 18th anniversary of Steve Biko's death in detention. The apartheid leaders, who are responsible for the death and disappearances of many of our people, must start now to account for the destruction which they have caused to the past.

Justice in South Africa was never accessible to the majority of our people in this country. Steve Bantu Biko, who led the students movement on 70, was brutally murdered by the racist regime of the time for his political stand and convictions.

The ANC strongly reiterates that never and never again shall people of his country be subjected to humiliation, detention without trial, Torture or state sponsored murder.

The ANC calls on those who are responsible for crimes perpetrated under the apartheid regime to take full responsibility of their past actions and comply with the Truth Commission. The democratically elected government of this country must ensure that prisoners are fully protected by the Constitution.

Issued by the Department of Information and Publicity
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