History of the African National Congress (ANC)

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The Post-Apartheid South Africa: Has a New Era Dawned?
By Nakedi Mochaki, Newsletter of the ICP. 14 February, 1995. Can the ANC live up to its promisses?
Party faithful turning sceptic
By Chris Lowe. IPS, Harare. 16 February, 1995. With opening of parliament, issue of whether accomodation with the white NP means betrayal of ANC promisses to Blacks.
South Africa: A Revolution Betrayed?
A dialog on Africa-L (February, 1995). With its electoral victory, did the ANC betray its socialist aspirations?
Organising Department Now Re-organised
In Mayibuye, July 1995. After the election, the organising department had to be set up afresh, with new personnel and a new mission which took account of the new situation. We first had to define together with the political leadership of the movement questions like: how was the ANC going to operate as a majority party in government of national unity as well as a liberation movement.
ANC statement on Truth Commission Committee
14 March, 1996. ANC holds that the temporary immunities granted its members was for the purpose of negotiating the political settlement and do not immunize them from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
A revolution betrayed
By John Pilger, in the Electronic Mail & Guardian, Johannesburg, South Africa, 24 April 1998. Argues that the government, in the interests of compromise, has sold out its own principles and supporters.