The environmental history of
the Republic of South Africa

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Environmental Management and Food Production in Kuruman, South Africa, c.1800-1935
Abstract of 1995 dissertation for Indiana University by Nancy Jacobs.
South Africa: united action on toxic waste
Green Left Weekly, 18 January, 1995.
National Parks Take on a New Direction
Inter Press Service, 27 May 1998. March 1998 saw the 100th anniversary of the founding of South Africa's largest and most popular park, the Kruger National Park. Historically, the parks have been associated with some of the most savage features of white domination.
South Africa Proposes New Forest Law
Environment News Service, 21 July 1998. Draft legislation to revise South Africa's forestry laws was tabled in Parliament. The National Forests Bill is intended to promote the sustainable management and development of forests. Also, a project to boost the delivery of water and sanitation services in South Africa.
Launche of World's Largest Solar Electrification Project in Africa
EarthVision Reports, 18 February 1999. Shell announced it will launch the world's first large scale commercial solar electrification project in South Africa. It will eventually bring power to 50,000 homes in South Africa's impoverished Eastern Cape province.
SAMWU Press Statement opposing Skuifraam Dam
16 July 1999.The South African Municipal Workers' Union supports the call opposing the decision to go ahead with the Skuifraam Dam in the Franschhoek Valley. There will be a drastic increase in water tariffs as a direct result of this project that will hit the poor of Cape Town.