Land and agriculture in
the Republic of South Africa

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Environmental Management and Food Production in Kuruman, South Africa, c.1800-1935
Abstract of 1995 dissertation for Indiana University by Nancy Jacobs.
Landownership negotiable
Press statement by ANC Study Group on Agriculture Water Affairs, 18 September 1995. The Study Group condemns the statement made by the Minister of Agriculture that "Landownership (of commercial farmers) is not negotiable." The ANC points out that the interi constitution provides for the restitution of land rights that a person or a community shall be entitled if such person or community was dispossesed of it.
Land Green Paper
ANC Press Statement, 2 February 1996. The African National Congress welcomes the publication of the Department of Land Affairs' Green Paper on Land Policy. The three key programs in the Green Paper - redistribution, restitution and tenure reform - go to the heart of addressing the land needs of our people.
Organisation Helps Poor Gain Food Security
By Lewis Machipisa, IPS, 5 April 2000. The Mexico-based International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT), co-sponsored by the FAO, the World Bank, etc. points to growing food crisis in South Africa. The CIMMYT helps in alleviating poverty by increasing the profitability, productivity, and sustainability of maize and wheat farming systems.