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Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1998 01:02:19 -0400
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Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 10:13:18 -0400
From: Pedro Guanikeyu Torres <ttcj@DANDY.NET>
Subject: Re: ".....discovered Columbus in 1492"

".....discovered Columbus in 1492"

From the Taino-L, 14 September 1998

Tau Ah Taiguey Victor
Hello And Good Day Victor,

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Date: Monday, September 14, 1998 2:53 AM
Subject: ".....discovered Columbus in 1492"

Hi, I find this statement quite interesting, and conversely thought provoking.

I've always wondered about this idea that America says about Columbus discovering Puerto Rico, even tho they actually say, '...discovered America'. But the truth is that you really cant discover anything if there are humans or inhabitants in existence there already.

Yet, in a technical way, regardless of people existing there, it is still true that a place can be discovered with natives and all. Only thing is that in truth what is actually taking place is that there is a total discovery taking place. Both the Natives and Columbus are discovering each other!

The ONLY thing that can be surmised that took place is that Columbus and his men only Conquered a people that already had a home and roots established. Conquered by different means, first by cunning deception, pretending to be friends and demi-gods.... but in truth betraying, raping and murdering them.

There was no war to claim a conquer for, these Natives welcomed Spain to their home, Spain took advantage of the innocense and kindness of these Natives. When they revolted and tried to fight, in truth it was more than that, for these Natives tried merely to do what any human being would attemped to do is to regain their dignity and order. Of course Spain managed to extinguish a Nation of Tainos who did nothing more than to be willing to share and love...!

But that was then, Spain did much more, they continued with slavery of Aftican Natives even after the US entered into a treaty to abolish the selling and transportation of slavery in order to end it.

Should we hold the pain and death caused by Spain to the Taino's and African's today? I think not, for today they themselves appose the very things Queen Elizabeth gained prosperity for. Now in the past 100yrs, to today, we have a new system of things, and we as a whole should just conentrate on prospering together in a democratic way so that we can all want the better for each other for everyone.... Just a thought!

I like that Statement of Yours!

Vic B.

Our Taino People's Perspective On Columbus

I may see your point on this issue, yet you fail to see it from a Taino perspective. I as a Taino Elder of the tribe of Jatibonicu', that is one of the past pre-Colombian Tribes of Puerto Rico, see it in another light. We have faced over 500 plus years of colonialism. We as human beings were almost forced out of existence as an ethnic race of humanity. One can not expect the survivors and victims of a cruel Spanish system of mass genocide, to simply forget Columbus and his friends. I would be like asking the Jewish People to forget Adolph Hitler. My relative were murdered by the Spanish Europeans. We will never forget that this is a fact that happened in the past. Today we the survivors of the past Tainos, face yet another colonial power in our Taino homeland. Its the colonial Government of the United States. Our north American Indian Brothers have faced well over 200 years of Spanish, French and English European colonialism.

No one wants to beat a dead colonial horse. We must always remember and never forget yesterday as today will become the yesterday. Did you know that Indigenous people are being killed right now as we speak across Americas? Did you also know that in September 1998, they are going to construct a monstrous 300 Ft tall statue of honoring Columbus the symbol of colonialism in Puerto Rico? So now our Taino Boriken (Puerto Rico) homeland will have its own statue of Liberty.

Please View this Image at url: http://www.imdians.org/welker/UCTP-US/colpr.jpg

Respectfully yours;
Pedro Guanikeyu Torres, Principal Elder

The Jatibonicu' Taino Tribal Longhouse

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The United Confederation of Taino People

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We The Taino People Who Discovered Columbus In 1492