First contact and Christopher Columbus

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1492: A time for jubilation?
Extracts from a taboid at 25 July 1996. The persecution in the Americas as an extension of the Catholic Church's campaign against non-Christians in Europe.
Mr. Columbus the Guamikena; A False Day of America's Discovery
By Chief Peter Guanikeyu Torres, Council Elder, 12 October 1997. Pedro Guanikeyu Torres articulates the perspective the the Taino people who first encountered the Europeans.
‘Columbus Day’ Protests
From Workers World, 30 October 1997. Across Latin America, Indigenous workers and farmers mark Columbus' day with protests against continued oppression.
‘.....discovered Columbus in 1492’
From the Taino-L, 14 September 1998. Who discovered whom, and the importance of remembering Columbus.
The Papal Bulls as Pertaining to the Americas
From Tony Castanha. Introduction and reproduction of the Bull Inter Caetera, 4 May 1493.
Columbus and the Native Americans
Los Angeles Unified School District, Haskell by the Month, October, Columbus Day, n.d. A K-12 learning resource. [Speaks of the Taino people as Arawaks, which actually refers to their language.]
Your heroes are not our heroes: A matter of perspective, a matter of experience
By Ramon Rivera, the Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Nation, 19 July 2001. First contact from a Native American perspective.