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Date: Sun, 12 Oct 1997 13:14:01 -0700
From: The Taino Tribal Council <torresp@ALGORITHMS.COM>
Subject: Mr. Columbus the Guamikena A False Day of Amrica's Discovery

Mr. Columbus the Guamikena; A False Day of America's Discovery

By Chief Peter Guanikeyu Torres, Council Elder, 12 October 1997

Tau Guaitiaos, Hello Friends,

Today is October 12, 1997 a historical day that is celebrated in many parts of the Americas. Yet many people have been foolishly given the impression that it is a day of celebration as the day of discovery of the American continent by Cristobal Colon aka Christopher Coumbus of the European country of Spain. We the surviving Taino indigenous people of the Americas have never recognized this European barbarian as a discoverer of anything. How can so many foolish people today believe these ridiculious claims of European discovery? The Native American people have been in these ancient land of America way before this lost soul named Columbus had ever set his sails to the wind. For the Taino People and the rest of the Native American people of the Americas we say you can take this Spanish discovery lie or Spanish Bull Dung! back to Spain from where it originated. We the Taino people who were the first Native Americans to meet this man on October 12, 1492, now look back to the past 500 plus years, when we first met this Christain barbarian who planted his Catholic Cross of indoctrination of the Guamikena (The Covered People) upon the sandy shores of the Caribbean Island of Guanahani known today as the island of San Salvador (Saint Savior) to indoctrinate and crucify the so- called uncivillized pagan savages. Yet in their Euro-historical accounts they called my people, the gentle people?

Let me personally tell you how I feel. As a Native American Elder of my Taino Tribe and a survivor of my Taino antillean race. I do still awaken at night to hear the painful screams of my tortured and inslaved ancestrors. Oh yes I still do cry today with them in our painfull sad memory of our 8 Million crucified Taino ancestors, who did come to fall prey or victim to this nice man's many lies and his futher mading gold hunger quest that would mark the great inhuman genocidal holocaust upon our gentle Taino Native American antillean race.

I have a guestion for the Anglo and Jewish communities of the Americas. Do you realize that we Native Americans had a holocaust of some 260 Million Native American people? Do you realize that they were masscred by the Europeans in the name of God and European progress. Can you see our tears as they flow into great red rivers of pain. I hate to be the one to beat a dead horse, but our Native American story must be told as it has been unjustly over looked for 500 plus years. I am sure that my ancestor Chief Orocobix and our other known Taino Chiefs Agueybana, Guarionex, Anancaona, Hatuey etc. and Northern Elder Chiefs Joseph, Geranemo, Sitting Bull, Big Foot and Chief Red Cloud, would agree with bringing to light of this false "Columbus Day Celebration" story and to bring it to the attention of the world community of Nations..

To All Of My Elders and Native American Relatives, I say Guaje or Yaho......

Some Food For Thought:


Excerpts f Changes From: David Cambell's lyrics of the album "Throught Arawak Eyes" of the Song called "No Not Columbus" and some minor changes by Chief Peter Guanikeyu Torres, in his song "I Protest Columbus".


"Burn Your History Books use your head, tell me now what you know. Who was it that discovered this land a long long time ago?" NO!, not Columbus he was looking for India, thirty thousand years ago guess who found Canada?" No! it wasn't a man with a big red beard nor an endless pepsident smile, it was a little brown man with an arrow and a bow who was hunting for many a mile. It wasn't a man with.a great big bomb no it wasn't a man with a gun. It was a little brown man with an arrow and a bow who was hunting for many a mile. Guess who found Boriken, the great land of the valient and noble lord? (Boriken today known as Puerto Rico)

Respectfully yours,
Chief Peter Guanikeyu Torres, Council Elder
Southern Jersey Taino Tribe of Jatibonuco
A Migratory Tribe of the Island of Boriken of the Taino Village and Tribe of Jatibonicu

The Taino Inter-Tribal Council Inc.

The Jatibonuco Caney Longhouse

The Taino Tribal Council of Jatibonuco NJ

The Taino Tribal Council of Jatibonicu PR