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Castaneda hails Ibero-American accords

By Milt Shapiro <mshapiro@zzapp.org>, TheNewsMexico.com, 25 November 2001

LIMA, Peru - Foreign Secretary Jorge Castaneda said the accords signed at the 11th Ibero-American summit in Peru will greatly benefit Mexico, but added the fruits of the agreements won't come immediately.

Castaneda said the three main topics of discussion were sustainable development, trade, and financing.

The politicians from Latin America, Spain, and Portugal also signed a declaration agreeing to fight acts of terrorism ... wherever they occur and whoever commits them, and not to give aid nor refuge to the authors, promoters or participants of terrorist activities.

Leaders also laid the groundwork for the upcoming International Conference on Development Financing, to be held in Monterrey, Mexico on March 18, 2002.

The Secretary said the success or failure of the Monterrey conference will depend on whether leaders can come to specific agreements and avoid ideological confrontations.

Confrontations on these issues serves no purpose except to deprive the most needy families, communities, and countries of essential resources, he said.

Castaneda also said President Vicente Fox would travel to Cuba next year to meet with Fidel Castro.