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Date: Mon, 26 Jun 1995 11:20:51 -0500
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Subject: Capoib Promotes Mobilization Against Changes, Brazil
Original Sender: cimi@ax.apc.org

CAPOIB promotes mobilization against changes in Decree 22/91

From CIMI Newsletter, n.164.
Brasilia, 23 June 1995

Leaders of various Indian organizations from different regions of Brazil occupied the ministry of Justice yesterday to mobilize the Brazilian society against the plans of the government to change decree 22/91, which provides for the administrative procedures to be complied with for the demarcation of Indian lands. At the ministry, no respect was shown for those leaders, who had to travel for many hours to arrive in Brasilia: Capoib's (Council for the Articulation of Indian Peoples and Organizations of Brazil) request for an audience over one week ago was denied and minister Nelson Jobim was away on a trip to different parts of the country and would only be back in Brasilia today. Received by an assistant to the minister, the delegation protested against Jobim's absence and delivered him a document stating the positions of Indian organizations in Brazil, which oppose any plans to amend decree 22/91.

In the document, they denounce that the Brazilian state never complied with the legal provisions in force for the demarcation of Indian lands, the last of which is included in the Constitution of 1988, and that in recent years conflicts with invaders of those lands have led to acts of aggression, torture and the killing of dozens of Indians and have given rise to a strong opposition from political groups. They say they do not accept any amendments to decree 22/91 and that the participation of private individuals in the administrative procedure for the demarcation of Indian lands will allow them to be heard on the bounds of the areas to be demarcated, will rekindle old conflicts and quarrels and will encourage violence against Indian communities. In the state of Amazonas, invaders of lands and local politicians, feeling confident that the decree will truly be changed, held a public parade to celebrate what would be a victory for them. In the state of Para, governor Almir Gabriel is publicly asking the federal administration to reduce the Apiterewa land and to give part of those lands back to the government of that state.

The document stating the position of Indian organizations was also delivered to the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies and of the Senate, to the presidency of the Republic, and to the Office of the Attorney-General. The mobilization continues. This Friday, the Indian delegation will give an interview to the press and next week it will try to meet the president of the Supreme Federal Court, Sepulveda Pertence.

Brasilia, June 23, 1995
CIMI - Indianist Missionary Council