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Subject: The Florida Taino Tribal Members Need Your Support

The Florida Taino Tribal Members Need Your Support

From Beverly Carey Torres
1 March 1999

Tau Friends,

The Taino Inter-Tribal Council was contacted today by Karlos Rodriguez, who is the TITC Regional Circle Leader in Florida and the official tribal Council Tekina (Messenger) for our Cacike (Principal Chief) Pedro Guanikeyu Torres of the Jatibonicu' Taino Tribe of Puerto Rico and its Jatibonicu tribal band in New Jersey.

The Jatibonicu' Tribe has taken on the struggle in Florida to protect the cultural property of the Tequesta Taino people of Bimini (Florida).

TTCJ Taino Tribal Council of Jatibonicu' Press Release:

"The three main reasons why our tribe has now taken the position as a tribal custodian would be:

Number one, simply because no Taino Native American group has come forward to stop the bulldozing and disrespect being paid to our Taino ancestral bones in Florida. and in Puerto Rico. Number two would be stopping ongoing destruction of our cultural property in the State of Florida and in Puerto Rico.

The third reason is simply that no one has come forward to legally lay claim to the Sacred Circle in Miami, Florida. We are one of the authentic Taino tribes, who today is a recognized tribe within the State of New Jersey and Puerto Rico. It would stand to reason that, no tribe in Florida nor any other political group, can legally lay claim to the sovereign cultural heritage of another Indigenous Nation. This tribal claim can only be carried out by one of its related tribes. Our Taino tribe is a legally established and officially recognized tribe of the Taino People or Nation. We have now taken the authoritative legal steps needed to reclaim the cultural property of our Tequesta Taino relatives. We are requesting the support of all indigenous Peoples and nations to join in our indigenous struggle. This will include all the known Federally recognized tribes in the United States and within the State of Florida. Again we say that, the sole reason for our action would be for the protection and preservation of our Taino Florida cultural heritage as its custodians. " Chief Pedro Guanikeyu.Torres: 2- 28-99.

Read the Press Releases on the Miami Circle Web Site: Miami Circle Home Page http://www.miamicircle.org/

Notice to the Taino Communities and the General Public: Our Cacike Pedro Guanikeyu and Tekina Karlos Rodriguez will be speaking live on the (AIROS) Native Indian Radio On Satellite, a national Native American Broadcasting Network. For date and time of the broadcast, please visit the AIROS Broadcasting Home Page http://airos.org/

If you want to help support our Taino tribal and Inter-tribal members of the South East US Region. Please contact the South East Regional Florida Circle Representatives.
Mr.Karlos Rodriguez at: kroc@n-jcenter.com
Ms.Teresita Beebe-Rodriguez at: terebeebe@ecqual.net
Contact: our US Regional Tribal Affairs Office (609) 690-1565
or Taino Tribal Council Internet e-mail ttcj@dandy.net:

Respectfully yours,
Ms. Beverly Carey Torres, TITC Secretary The Taino Inter-Tribal Council Inc. http://www.hartford-hwp.com/taino/

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