The history of the Taino Peoples
of Bimini (Florida)

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The Florida Taino Tribal Members Need Your Support
From Beverly Carey Torres, 1 March 1999. The Taino Inter-Tribal Council responds to appeal from Bimini Florida regarding desecration of Taino burial grounds there.
(Florida AIM) proud tradition of confronting, challenging and exposing genocidal glorification ceremonies
From A-Info News Service, 11 September 1999. The dominant society memorializes the slaughter of the Ais, Timucua, Tekesta, and Calusa peoples by Pedro Menendez.
Digging unearths old structures
Detroit Free Press, 7 June 2002. Archaeologists said Thursday they have discovered the longest and oldest canals ever found in North America, a system of channels dug by Indians with wood and shell tools 1,800 years ago near Lake Okeechobee.