The history of the Timucua
in Northern Bimini (Taino Florida)

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Timucua Legend
By Adonaset - Walk in Harmony, 16 July 1997. Re survival of a Timucua legend among Taino of Bimini today.
A brief history of the Timucua Taino of Northern Florida
By Haines Brown, 6 December 1999. Primarily a brief ethnographic description based to a significant extent on the copies of the Le Moyne sketches made of the Timucua in the 16th century.
The Timucua Indians—After the Europeans Came—(1562-1767)
By Dr. Jerald T. Milanich, Taino-L, 21 May 2000. 16th-century relations of Timucuans with the French. The Spanish conquest and the Le Moyne sketches. Relations of the Spanish and the Timucua. Intrusion of the British to whom in 1763 was ceded all of Florida.
Missions, Timucuans and the Aucilla of Florida
By Dr. Jerald T. Milanich, Taino-L, 21 May 2000. Colonization by Spanish missions among the Timucuan chiefdoms from the late 16th century. The associated 98% drop in population from European diseases. Importance of impressed native labor for the Spanish colony. British colonies on Eastern seaboard in late 17th century brought slave raids. Handful of known Timucua survivers in area of St. Augustine shipped off to Cuba in the mid 18th century.