The history of Calusa of
Southwestern Bimini (Taino Florida)

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Calusa Indian site reveals State may face more hurricanes
By Cathy Keen, 28 September 1998. Nearly 1,700 years ago, devastating tempests associated with sea-level rise destroyed villages of the Calusa Indians on the southwest Florida coast, near present-day Fort Myers, forcing the native fishermen to move inland to relative safety. Correlations between rising sea levels and global warming periods.
Calusa Indians on the Islands
W.I.S.D.O.M., n.d. By the time Ponce de Leon came ashore near Sanibel Islands in 1513, Calusa culture was thriving. Its people were divided into two distinct castes. Common people worked at tasks ordered by the nobility. The Calusa achieved a remarkable level of social complexity without the benefit of agriculture. Although they eventually died out due to the introduction of European disease, they succeeded in keeping the Spanish at bay for almost two hundred years.
Calusa Indians
By Robb Tiller, n.d. We are planning a trip to Cuba to trade some Calusa artifacts for some of theirs as a cultural exchange. Pine Island and its treasures [there are aspects of this account that may offend some Native Americans].