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Original site with many artifact illustrations:

Calusa Indians

By Robb Tiller, n.d.

We would like to thank Mrs. Anne C. Cull, Curator of Cape Coral Historical Society for working with our Foundation and donating to us some Indian items that we will be giving to some Indian friends of our Foundation. We feel these articles belong to them. We are also glad to be invited as a guest speaker to speak to her group. It is nice to know that two 501C3 corporations can work together as it is supposed to be..

The replication of some of these artifacts has been started. Nellie Coleman and Isbet Tiller have been working very hard to assure the quality is as close to original as possible. We are still experimenting with different types of materials that we will be using to replicate from the originals. These replications are going to be placed in a box with a nice looking sticker and label to identify each, along with an explanation of what each piece is.

We are planning a trip to Cuba right now to trade some of our artifacts for some of theirs as a cultural exchange. Anyone who wishes to go with our group, please let us know immediately so that we can make proper arrangements with both governments and to be able to handle accommodations.

This page is on loan until our organization gets its permanent site hosted. In the future you will log on by going www.IndianFoundation.TV

This project started a few years back but didn't really materialize until I discovered Pine Island. Pine Island, to the locals, is Paradise. Most tourists never find Pine Island and, when they do, they seldom find its treasures. I have lived in South Florida all of my life and I thought I had seen all of South Florida. I know I've seen one hundred times more than most because of my dealings the past 20 years with the Seminole Tribe of Florida. The Seminole chief and myself were together for over twenty years. The Miccosukee Tribe I have known for the same period of time. For all intents and purposes the Miccosukee Tribe is on the Tamiami Trail in the Miami area. The Seminole Tribe has five locations and soon to be seven. The reason I point this out, very few people have visited some of their remote locations. I have been to just about all of their locations and, believe me, some of them are off the beaten path. So when I describe Pine Island I am not doing it as a novice Floridian.

Isbet, has just recently moved to the United States. She was born and raised in Cuba. She is one of the first Cubans I know to receive a Humanitarian Parole from the White House. We were living in Naples, Fl. and she was involved in a terrible automobile accident splitting open her skull and receiving very serious damage. After receiving very poor medical attention at the emergency room in Naples she decided to fly down to Havana and get help from her family where, she says, they care more about the patient. Americans care more for dollars and paperwork. After she returned to the United States she was so afraid to look at the corner where the accident occurred. Not one person asked her condition or checked to see if she was all right.

I decided we had enough of Naples, Fl. I am a pilot. I decided to fly an airplane up the coast and find a place for a new beginning. When I saw Pine Island and recognized from the air that it truly was an island I was shocked. I had been to Sanibel, Captiva, Gasparilla, Ft. Myers many, many times. The old South Seas Plantation was one of my favorites for years but, then, in my estimation, it went downhill. They Time-Shared it, put a bunch of condos in and the place just didn't seem the same anymore.

I think there are a few reasons people don't come to Pine Island. People say that there are no sand beaches here, which I have found is not true. They claim it never freezes here. And when you do come on the island there seems to be only one main road. There are alot of signs telling you Do Not Enter-Road Closed-No Trespassing-Dead End etc. and few people stay. I was fortunate enough to see it from the air and was totally shocked to find it had four airports. 90% of the people living there do not know it. Even some of the pilots. The island is quite large. I decided to land and when I did my life changed. The minute I stepped foot on the ground it was some weird feeling like I was supposed to be here. I looked up in one of the trees and there sat an eagle. Turns out Pine Island is full of eagles. One of the airports is actually called Eagles Landing. All of a sudden a snowy, white egret flew past and then some rabbits and quail appeared. That did it. I got in the plane and few back to Naples. Didn't even tell my wife. Got in my pickup and drove to Pine Island. One day later we packed up and moved to Pine Island.

I have been working very hard on projects involving Cuba and I knew before long the embargo was going to be lifted. Madeleine Albright, our past Secretary of State, publicly stated she didn't care what anyone's religion or politics were....You are not going to keep food or medicine from Cuban children any longer. And that is the beginning of the end of the most ridiculous embargos in the history of America. Think about it for a second. I can go to a magazine store that sells out of town newspapers from just about anywhere and buy newspapers and magazines from any country in the world. I can buy stuff on the Ku Klux Klan, stuff on Hitler, the filthiest pornographic junk you have ever seen but I can't buy a newspaper or magazine from Cuba, a poor little island less than 200 miles from Pine Island where the Calusa Indians paddled back and forth in dug out canoes for thousands of years and, can you believe it is illegal to get a newspaper from there. I'll bet you the print on this paper more people would like to see what is really going on in Cuba than what they have read on Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinski, O.J. Simpson or the ballots in Florida.

The reason I bring this up is I just recently returned from Havana after taking a group of Doctors to a medical convention there - the first one held in forty years. It was unbelievable the amount of work I had to do to receive permission from both governments. Sponsor Letters - Invitation Letters - License from Cuban Introspection - U.S. State Dept. - U.S. Treasury Dept. and every other little agency in between. Again, the reason I bring this up is because what I discovered in Havana puts together some very important archeological finds. These finds are making my project feasible. I am going ahead 110% with very little help from anyone, which is soon going to stop.

I have formed a Florida Corporation - a 501C3 IRS Accredited Tax Free Non-Profit Organization. I am going to purchase land in and around Pine Island to recreate a Calusa Indian Village the way it was back in their time. I presently have some archeologists, writers, historians, local people, politicians, and local celebrities that are going to be involved with my board. I am going to make their names known as soon as my printed materials are completed. I'm very proud of the group of distinguished people who are supporting my organization and we are preparing a press release for all concerned. My foundation is going to be open to everyone for the purpose of education, learning, discovery and many aspects involving beliefs, medicines and attempting to retrace a very important lost civilization. I am negotiating presently for my office and I look forward to any help, young and old, handicapped or mentally challenged, or any ethnic background to get involved with a fascinating project.

I have been reading extensively anything I could find on the Calusa Indians. I have spent thousands of dollars on books, buying everything available. If anyone wants to borrow or see these books, please let me know and I will make them are available.

History has always fascinated me and it is funny how certain people find out certain things, think they are the noted authority, and do not wish to exchange this information without financial benefit or receiving a title. I really do not like this. We are all basically made up the same, and I think we should go back to some of the old ways, sharing, borrowing a cup of sugar, helping a neighbor out. Everything has a funny phenomena about reoccurring. Some people call it History Repeats Itself. My old friend, Chief James E. Billie wrote a song, The Old Ways Will Survive. Maybe the Indians need to write something to teach us how to make the old ways survive.

Whenever you start talking politics or religion you almost always get into a heated discussion. WHY? Isn't it funny how all these religions try to solicit you into seeing things their way and only their way is right. The Jews claim one thing, the Baptists another, the Arabs still another. Boy it sure gets confusing. Why are they killing people over it. Just because of a person's beliefs.

After having gone to Cuba many times I am getting quite confused and I want to pass this on to some of you. I thought everyone in Cuba was Catholic. To show you how stupid I really was, I thought every Spanish person was Catholic. I am finding out in Cuba there was a religion they practiced and still practice. It is called Santeria. Some people Might think it is a form of Voodoo from Haiti. Some think it is a form brought to them from the blacks of Africa. Some think it is a practice of all different sorts. But I am going to stay on this path to see if I can now, by means of a computer, link some of these past mysteries to bring them to light. surface.

In the Terra, there is alot of information regarding the ninth hour on the day of the 19th. There are also predictions of the assassination of Prime Minister Rabean. It was predicted years in advance, even the person's name appears in what is now known as the Bible Code. Not like Nostradamus, this is a 3,000 year old document. The information is flabbergasting. They even predicted nuclear wars. Was it real or just merely conceived?

What is with all these space drawings, stone statues, genetic animals like people on the sides of the pyramid? Is the bible fact or is it fiction? The story of the holy land, the Dead Sea and the story of Jericho...I would like to make you aware of this in a different light. They claim that God actually spoke. They claim that stone walls more than 20 inches thick were crushed by a sound. I heard you could break a fine crystal glass with the sound of a violin. Maybe sound is a future energy.

What is all this about God speaking on the 7th day. Priests worshipping 7 times every 7 days. A very dear friend of mine, Ken Mulder, who is a very famous author, who loaned me a priceless collection of Calusa artifacts, also brought up the No. 7 many times. It is actually carved in stone by the Calusa Indians thousands of years ago. No in recent years, the No. 7 is talked about in all the casinos around the world as being the lucky number.

There is a laboratory in California named Wile. It is doing research on space noises. These sounds are motions in our air. They are testing these sounds in brick walls and finding they move the air to generate forces. They have actually shaken the walls and blew them apart. Could this be part of the destruction of the Wall of Jericho. What are these bible mysteries?

There is a story about Ezekiel that is absolutely fascinating describing creatures of the close encounter. Nothing was really heard about it until the Chariots of the Gods. Now we are hearing about it more and more. There are descriptions on the walls in Egypt of different type legs supporting flying objects like Helicopters, space like objects. Look up the name VonDanAkin. Also Blumrich. Look at these vehicles.

Did you know a US. Patent was given regarding the Old Testament and Ezekiel? I though it was the truth that counts. Why can't we share this information?

I am finding things regarding the Calusa Indians that are crossing in many ways. In the Bible God told Abraham he sent down two angels, in the nude. Abraham hoped to have sex with two other angels. What is this Dead Sea? Are these environmental issues from the past? What is all this destruction? Earthquakes and entire religions disappearing with supernatural disasters. There are French documents just discovered in Jerusalem that are altering history. They were written in code that is now coming to light with some earth shattering information! I am finding stuff regarding the Calusa Indians! I think, if I can get some more help, and some more people involved to assist, we can discover some very important things from the past!!

The computer is doing things never thought of in the past to increase our knowledge and educate our young. Maybe we can help improve relations, have more understanding of spiritual things, find new medicines that are new to us but were used centuries ago by a healthier people. I just found a group of people who are eating a certain type food and worshiping a certain type of religion. The youngest one is close to 100. They have no age spots on them. They have very little wrinkles. I will inform you more on this when the facts are documented. Just the fact that you are reading this shows there is an interest. My friend just told me a quote I want to share with you. The Price of Leadership is Criticism. Anyone can get involved with my project and I look forward to receiving help!

We are:

  1. Tracing the Calusa Indians Footsteps.
  2. Linking past religious groups and why they worship and what they worship.
  3. Medical, anything we can learn from past Indian medicines and certainly any new medical finds that Cuba is working on which, by the way, are quite alot because they do not have the restrictions like the Americans. It is now known that we have broken the code for the genetics of our bodies. Cuba has been doing research in this for years.
  4. Education. we must teach the young what we have learned and share information from past and present cultures. Last, but not least, and probably one of the most important, the environment. We are neighbors with Cuba, our waters touch and the gulf stream and trade winds have us sharing oxygen, pollution, etc.