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The indigenous movement is threatening a blockade of the capital La Paz

From Earl Gilman, Workers Democracy Network, Socorro Obrero Sindical, El Nuevo Topo, [15 July 2001]

Separately, the indigenous movement led by Felip Quispe Huanca is threatening a blockade of the capital La Paz to take the city. This is what the Inca rebellion against the Spaniards in the year 1781 under Tupac Katari also did. At a conference on Monday the indigenous leaders decided to extend their blockade to the roads to Oruro, to Laja, Chuquiaguillo and Rio Abajo. The conference demanded that the government drop its charges of armed uprising against Felipe Quispe. They stated they would demand the government cabinet of President Hugo Banzer be put on trial for the two deaths that have taken place in the antiplano. The entry of the military in Huarina and the forced lifting of the blockade has enraged the peasants.

According to peasants on the pampa, more than 12,000 are waiting for a reply from the government. If there is no answer they will throw out the military and continue the blockade of roads. In La Paz the red ponchos have arrived, that is the peasants of Ancoraimes and Warisata to reinforce the movement. Each new recruit is being trained up in the hills to fight hand to hand.

The secretary of The Confederation of Peasant Workers of Bolivia (CSUTB), Lucio Huanca, informed that as part of the inter-union agreement, the rural teachers, and transport workers are supporting the movement.