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Subject: Re: Essay--The Taino Perpetual Circle of Life

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Subject: Essay--The Taino Perpetual Circle of Life

The Taino Perpetual Circle of Life

Essay by Arocoel Petro Guanikeyu Torres,
Tribal Council Elder, 15 July 1998

The universal circle of life that all things revolve around is eternal and forever in motion. A human being is born upon this earth and walks its path of life and returns back to the earth. The same holds true for the Plant People, Winged People, the fish of the sea and all thing that live upon this planet. Through the concept of the cycle of life there is the circle of the rebirth of many new generations. A circle begins at one point and starts over again, that is following the natural order of life. This cycle of life is a perpetual circle of eternal beginning. One only needs to look upon the smallest blade of green grass in an open field to see the cycle of the perpetual circle of life.

In our Taino world, the concept of the three pointed stone totem known as a Cemi is central in our circle of spirituality. One is a Opia (Spirit) born in the Coabey (heavens) who emerges upon the earth and through the natural cycle of life, traversing or thus returning in a forward motion within the path of life back to the ancient ancestral place of the Coabey, to once more begin the circle of life, as do all living things. The Universal Mother and Creator is the decider that holds the central position of balance within our Universe cosmos.

I recall with a smile, hearing the religious dogma of a Eurocentric bigot, saying to me that, You will find out on judgment day and with a smile I said Yes you will. The fear of eternal damnation in a burning pit of fire (Hell) is a concept that was never a part of our traditional understanding of the circle or cycle of life within our past and present sacred spirituality.

I recall saying to this Black Robe, Do you recall the original instructions of life, given to all living things by the Universal Mother and Creator at the beginning of time? I said to him, Do you still follow or live by the universal Laws of the natural order of things that are the sacred original instructions, that were given to all living things in memorium of the Creation? With that I returned a Smile.....

Respectfully yours,
Arocoel Pedro Guanikeyu Torres, Tribal Council Elder