The culture history of
the Taino in general

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The Taino Perpetual Circle of Life
Essay by Arocoel Petro Guanikeyu Torres, Tribal Council Elder, 15 July 1998. The universal circle of life that all things revolve around is eternal and forever in motion. A human being is born upon this earth and walks its path of life and returns back to the earth.
Before Columbus Destroyed almost overnight by Spanish invaders, the culture of the gentle Taino is finally coming to light
By Michael D.Lemonick, in Archaeology, 19 October 1998.
Aia Na Ha`ina I Loko o Kakou (The Answers Lie Within Us)
From Tony Castanha, 10 November 1999. Material drawn from doctoral work on Caribbean resistance to Spanish, survival, and cultural tradition (31 Kb).
La escultura entre los Indios Taïnos de las Antillas Mayores
From the Director of Cultural Affairs <cultural-affairs@TAINO-TRIBE.ORG>, 11 April 2001. Al conmemorar el Quinto Centenario del Descubrimiento de América por los españoles, tenemos que recordar que fueron los indios taínos de las Bahamas y las Antillas Mayores los primeros hombres del Nuevo Mundo en entrar en contacto con los europeos.