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From: Pedro Guanikeyu Torres <jttn@TAINO-TRIBE.ORG>
Subject: My Fairwell Letter To The Taino People In the Year 2001

My Fairwell Letter To The Taino People in the Year 2001

From Pedro Guanikeyu Torres, 1 January 2001

Dear Friends and Foes,

I, Pedro Guanikeyu Torres, with a heavy heart and much thought on the matter of continuing my association with Taino Indian community as a whole, must finally come to that fork in the road and decide which road I am to walk. With failing eye sight and a broken heart, I must now step away for my own spiritual well being.

Since 1970, when I first reorganized the Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Bands in Puerto Rico and New Jersey, and later helped to organize the CPI (Comite Pro Indigenismo) and incorporated, the TITC Taino Inter-Tribal Council organization of NJ in 1995. I had further helped organize the Tekesta Taino Tribal Band in Florida in 1998, the United Confederation of Taino People in 1998, I had worked very hard to promote the Caribbean Indian struggle and had done so faithfully up to the end December 2000.

I, have faithfully promoted and supported the Taino Indian Movement and its people not only financially but by lending my time and emotional support toward the efforts of keeping the Taino Indian movement viable for the past 36 years. I have met many fine people that comprise the global Taino community both past and present. There are those that feel like family to me. I will fondly remember the times that we have shared as a family and Taino community group.

Due to conflicting values and traditions on a moral, social and spiritual level I can no longer continue with my social political position as a Cacique (Principal Chief) of my people and maintain a peace of mind, soul and spirit .

I, do hereby withdraw as an active community Chieftain, Leader and supporter of the greater global Taino community of the Puerto Rico, the circum Caribbean islands and the United States of North America effective or beginning January 1, 2001.

I, will remain a detached Taino Elder with no association to any particular Taino tribal group and/or organization. I wish all of my people and friends the best and may the Creator guide and sustain all of you, in your struggle to rebuild a unified global Taino Tribal Nation in the years to come. God Bless......

Respectfully Yours,
Pedro Guanikeyu Torres (Taino)