The contemporary political history
of the Taino in general

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Modern-day Tainos
From Francisco J. Gonzalez, 27 May 1997. The historian, Francisco Gonzalez, seeks information in support of his attempt to write the history of the the various Taino 'revivalist' movements among the modern day peoples of Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic, current reawakening of the Taino peoples and effort to recreate the culture of the Taino.
The Declaration of the United Confederation of Taino People
Official UCOTIP press release, 4 January 1998. The official copy of the Declaration of the united Taino people, its prolog and articles.
Taino Indians to Sign an Historic Declaration on March 27, 1998, at New York's City Hall
Press release, 27 March 1998. Taino Indian Leaders representing US and Caribbean indigenous organizations and groups will gather for the inauguration of the United Confederation of Taino People and signing of the Confederation's Declaration, on March 27, 1998, at the Council's Chambers of City Hall in Manhattan. The Declaration, We the Taino People, contains eight articles that seek to protect, defend and preserve Taino cultural heritage and Spiritual tradition.
Letter to the Editor of Time Magazine
By Tony Castanha, October 26 1998. Concerning the survival of The Taino people.
Guaroko-Guaaji-Karaya: Month of remembrance & enslavement
By Bo Matum, 17 November 1999. History and the need for Taino solidarity.
An appeal to the Vatican on the Papal Bull "Inter Caetera" of May 4, 1493
From Tony Castanha, 17 November 1999. Appeal for Pope John Paul II to revoke the 1493 Bull "Inter Caetera." as a step away from the greed and subjugation in a history that has oppressed, exploited and destroyed countless numbers of indigenous peoples throughout the world.
My Fairwell Letter To The Taino People in the Year 2001
From Pedro Guanikeyu Torres, 1 January 2001. Cacique (Chief) Pedro Guanikeyu Torres tends his resignation as cacique of the Jatibonicu Taino Tribe of Boriken and New Jersery.
From Taino-L, 3 January 2001. Six letters to the Taino-L expressing regret for Cacique Pedro Torres' resignation and appreciation for his contributions to the Taino revival.
The Closing of the Taino Inter-Tribal Council Org.
From the staff, 7 January 2001. The Taino Inter-Tribal Council educational and cultural non-profit organization will close its doors in January 2001 and be placed in a state of inactivity until further notice. The reasons for this decision.